Monday, November 21, 2005

Week of 11/14:
This week, our assigned texts were chapter 5 of Global Transformations and Globalization and Culture by Jan Nederveen Pieterse. I read Global Transformations and analyzed it for a previous week’s discussion. To view that analysis, please see the blog entry from 10/17.

Chapter 5 of Global Transformations took up the task of discussing Multi-National Corporations and the enormous impact they have had on the process of globalization. As far as our topic is concerned, there is not any direct information on War, Militarism, or Terrorism. However, there is always a correlation between the stratification of power and our topic. The chapter does not discuss much of the negative impact that MNC’s have played in the atmosphere of developing nations. There was virtually no conversation on the low wages offered to people in developing countries. In fact, the authors concluded the chapter with an altruistic version of MNC’s, saying that they are not about finding the cheapest place for production. I have a hard time swallowing that. I think this could have an enormous impact on our topic, in that there is a struggle to create treaties, and for developing countries to make a place for themselves in the world market. Pushing people out of the global economy seems to be a new kind of warfare.


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